An electronic cigarette is essentially a mini nicotine vaporizer. Powered by a lithium battery, an advanced heating element vaporizes the liquid nicotine solution which you intake with every puff and exhale creating a smoke-like vapor.

How it works:


The Difference:

Social Smoking's electronic cigarette and accessories are all geared with smokers in mind. We want to offer our customers the highest quality, most advanced electronic cigarette on the market. From the manufacturing and taste testing of our all-American e-liquid flavors, to designing our low drag, high capacity cartridges, to engineering a perfect balance between size, power, and capacity; our company is dedicated to giving you the best smoking experience.
Try Social Smoking and see how we can make an impact on the way you smoke and how smoking effects you.

  • Use it virtually anywhere.
  • Never smell like smoke again.
  • Stop worrying about secondhand smoke.
  • Never have to let nicotine craving dictate your life.
  • Spend less time in the elements taking that smoke break and more time doing what you love and spending time with family and friends.